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As welcome as Portland’s mini-boom of African restaurants is, none of the new arrivals come close to the authenticity and exciting flavors of Alem Gebrehiwot’s Queen of Sheba’s in-land style Ethiopian cousin. Reason to go: Portland’s best Ethiopian food, with options that far exceed the typical North African menu.

— Grant Butler, A & E Restaurant Guide, The Oregonian

There’s no other word for dining here: intimate. Meals are built around crepelike injera, a spongy, yeasty Ethiopian bread draped over colossal serving platters and piled high with colorful stews and hashes. You rip off pieces of injera, then dig in, swabbing lentil stew, sticky chickpea-flour paste and chunks of dry-sauteed lamb. Sharing food from the same plate naturally fuels spirited, continuous conversation among friends.

– Christina Melander, Oregon Live Dining and Bars, 2006

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